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the beyond grey method

Take the First Step Program 

at KB Half Marathon

Beyond Grey sponsored 5 females to run their first Half Marathon and paid for their entrance fee along with a support group and supplies for training. On April 2nd, Dasha, Sahri, Erin, Ana C, and Ana G ran the Key Biscayne Half Marathon in Miami, FL. To find out more about the program, click here.


*This program launched on February 16th and ended on April 2nd. 

Fully Self Expressed 

with Coach Tanai Milgram

Beyond Grey Founder, Bianca Natali, has taken on Coach Tanai Milgram's Program: Fully Self Expressed. Not funded through Beyond Grey, but simply here to spread awareness for women to  feel confident and fully trust themselves to ask for what they want in their relationships. 


*This program started October 5th, and ended on December 21st, 2021.

Gratitude Program

at Lotus House Shelter

Beyond Grey curated a 2 part program for the guests aged 18-24 at Lotus House Shelter.  Activities included bracelet making, journal topics, and vision boards within their journals. Aside from that, wellness bag toolkits were gifted from local donors and sponsors like GAIAM and Prozis

*This program started November 16th and ended on November 30th, 2022.

Beyond Grey Program 

at Lotus House Shelter

Beyond Grey curated a 5-Week program for the guests aged 18-24 at Lotus House Shelter.  We provided a safe space for the women to take on mindful activities including yoga, journaling, vision boards, painting, astrology, and floral arrangements. 

*This program took place every Wednesday from October 6th-November 3rd. 

Strongest You Program

at Miami Rescue Mission

Beyond Grey curated a 2 part program for the male guests aged 21-60 at Miami Rescue Mission. Coach Selsy de Izaguirre along with Dr. Adrian Mesa spoke on the importance of becoming the strongest version of yourself both physically and mentally. The men created vision boards for the second part of the program to help set future goals. 

*This program started April 6th and ended on April 25th, 2022.

Inner Wisdom Program 

with Coach Joanna F

Beyond Grey partnered with Luna Wisdom to grant one student a 6-week Inner Wisdom Course to dig deeper into their spirituality for purposeful day-to-day routines. To find out more about the program, click here.


*This program took place July 6th-August 16th, 2021. 


"The amount of support felt was amazing. I loved meeting everyone and being able to help each other out. Every single tip given was helpful and I couldn't have done it without them."

Take the First Step Program Recipient

"The workshops helped me get my mind right for the future. I had to get rid of the past. I had to get my mind set on goals, and ways to obtain the goals. They showed me how to look at things at a different light and perspective. Doctor Adrian helped us do that. He understood what we went through. The vision boards were really amazing. I still have the journals they gave us."

Don, Program Recipient of the Strongest You Program


"I don't know if we thanked you enough for the amazing groups the team provided. You all planned such an amazing variety of activities for the young women and children, it was a real joy to watch them engaging and having such a good time. Every group was so exciting and organized, the youth had the opportunity to express their creativity in a safe comfortable space, and for this we are so grateful."

Pat Morrell, Program Director at Lotus House Shelter


Meet Our Coaches


Joanna Figueroa

  • Instagram

Intuitive Coach

I'm a yoga and meditation teacher (RYT200), and I align with the energetic cycles of the moon, and I am passionate about Dharma discovery and Vedic wisdom. Through my  journey, I discovered that journaling is the spine that brings and allows integration of other healing modalities that we practice, and I love to guide students with journal prompts.


You can say I'm a spiritual yogi, a Pitta-Kapha and enjoys both Vinyasa and Restorative yoga.


Amber Roach

  • Instagram

Movement Instructor

Movement is my form of expression. My relationship with movement has been an area i’ve surround the majority of my life around, and inspiring and encouraging others to move their bodies has been beyond rewarding. 

It helps me build a relationship between my mind and my body. Challenging myself physically helps me get stronger mentally. 

HIIT workouts get my heart rate up, & gets all my bottled up energy out leaving my endorphins flying. Moving in a more rhythmic way through yoga or dancing taps into my spiritual side, allowing my mind to find calmness. 

No form of movement is too small, & it’s fun when you find something that fits you even if it’s as simple as a walk, it makes a huge difference.


Tanai Milgram

  • Instagram

Women's Coach

I'm a Women's intimacy and Empowerment Coach. I help women express themselves unapologetically so they can create the lives and relationships that they deeply desire. 


After doing years of therapy involving EMDR, tapping, somatic healing and inner child work, my journey deepened in 2016 with a self-development program called Landmark, which opened up my eyes to my personal responsibility in creating the life I want. 

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