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Beyond Grey 5-Week Program @ Lotus House Shelter - October 2021

Beyond Grey took on their first curated program for the guests aged 18-24 at Lotus House Shelter.

* 65+ products were purchased through our Amazon Wishlist

* $500+ funded for activities

* 26 donors

* 4 sponsors

* 12 volunteers

* 40+ guests

Swipe through to see the 5-Week Schedule!

Week 1

Program Introduction, Charms, Journal Prompt, and Yoga

Week 2

Vision Boards inside personalized Journals with Joanna from La Luna Wisdom

Week 3

Importance of Movement, Astrology, and catered food boxes from Thierry's

Week 4

Halloween Party, Pumpkin Decorating, Trick-or-Treating, and Photoshoot

Week 5

Program closeout - create your own floral arrangement with House of Lilac.

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