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miami, fl

Walk Club launched January '22 in Miami, FL to bring the community together through physical fitness. Founders Bianca Natali, Taylor Parr, and Selsy de Izaguirre established the club for their love toward the benefits of walking.


Whenever you're feeling grey, "talk a walk."

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meet  the leaders 


Bianca Natali

Founder of Beyond Grey and Mental Health Advocate.

"I was born and raised in Miami, FL and lived in NYC for four years. When I moved back, I began to focus on my mental & physical health and it give it the attention I deserve. Walk Club will hold me accountable to stay on a consistent schedule along with meeting new people in the community"

Taylor Parr

Fitness and Wellness Influencer. 

"I am a Miami born & raised fitness and wellness influencer who is dedicated to guiding people toward their best selves. I encourage others to exercise to strengthen the body and mind. After living in Madrid for a year, I fell in love with walking everywhere. With Walk Club, I hope to show others how therapeutic a walk can be."


Selsy de Izaguirre

Life Coach and Wellness Advocate.

"Hi all my name is Selsy! :) As a life coach, I love working with people to help them achieve and maintain their goals. I’m really excited to start this Walk Club with Bianca and Taylor as we all share a passion for well-being - both physically and mentally. Throughout my life, taking a walk has always served as a great way to have fun and destress especially when done with a great companion. With this in mind, we hope that our monthly intentional walks serve as a fun weekend plan etched in your calendars for the next 12 months!"

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